Sunday, March 20, 2016

Quote of the Day

David Burge, the Iowahawk and one of the sliest men on the Internet, tweeted: "Breaking: Arizona Trump Protesters Celebrate Shutting Down Highway, Creating 300,000 More Trump Voters."
Don Surber
The Left always explains, SHUT UP! By eradicating Free Speech and Free Assembly, they think that their opinions will prevail due to the Big Lie theory - Theirs will be the only thought available.

The cops should have called in a dozer to push the cars into the ditch, with the protestors still chained if that's what they wanted. In fact, handcuffed to the cars would have worked well, too.

This will follow Trump everywhere during his candidacy and presidency. Obama could stop it, but Trump is not black or Muslim so that's out, of course. But it does play in Trump's favor, as the real fascists show themselves,


Rikalonius said...

I saw a Facebook post today that said "The more I see who hates Trump, the more I like him." As you said, these idiots, and the one's in the GOP probably would have defused Trump support along time ago if they'd have done this one thing (to paraphrase Chris Rock), Shut the f*** up! They kept saying they were going to treat him like a nobody, but they just couldn't stop attacking him. They should couldn't help themselves, and neither can the lefty grievous industry. I still don't like Trump, but I've resigned myself that he is the nominee, and I sure like him better than most anyone else.

Stan said...

The most virulent hate comes from the Left, under the ironic plaint of preventing hate. By that they mean that it is hateful to oppose them, and it must stop.

On the Right, what is generated by Trump is not so much hate as it is fear. The Republican Muckities know that Trump will not represent them in the manner to which their money has accustomed them; they are being laid-off and will lose a lot, just like the voters who they couldn't care less about. Trump is the ONLY one who can say to the moneybags: "you're fired". I like that in a candidate, and we haven't had one like that in quite a while. I truly feel that the country can't be salvaged until the crony system is abolished. That is job 1.