Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bogus Science: Yet Another "Walking Fish"

Or at least bogus science reporting:
Researchers Find Fish That Walks the Way Land Vertebrates Do
Perhaps this fish does have a pelvis connected to the spine. Regardless, it is obvious from the looped video that the fish does not pull itself by moving its fins with respect to its body position. As the body undulates, the fins move only because they remain in a constant physical relationship to the body. If the body did NOT undulate, the fish would not "walk". This is not "the way land vertebrates walk".

The link provided in the article does NOT go to any journal paper, so if you want to track it down, you must do some work. I didn't bother.


Xellos said...

I know what it is!

Stan said...

Wow. That's hard to watch... I want to put it out of its animated misery!