Thursday, March 31, 2016

Identarian Hair Policing: All New Microaggression

San Francisco State Student Confronted for Hairstyle?!?
It's OK though; it's just a Victimhood black PC-policewoman assaulting a white Oppressor, not the other way around.

Note that the white Oppressor appeals to his "Right" to wear his hair however he wants. He's living in the past; in today's reality, he will be told how to wear his hair. Oh yes, and this: it's a good thing he didn't physically resist being assaulted - that could get him expelled and black-balled. (Sorry for the egregious color reference). Chances are that he will remain a target, though; SJWs always double down.

And note the very end of the video where the PC Police-person realizes she is being recorded and immediately assaults the camera person as well.

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