Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thoughts From a Commenter at VDH's Place

Trump's Sloppy Populism
Commenter: mhjhnsn
"Open borders, helping the working class, being realistic about terrorism, are all topics that the establishment will not let anyone talk about--they screech "Racist" and "stupid," and "knuckle-dragger" to make you shut up, but never engage on the substance.

I have read a tremendous amount of really vicious criticism of Trump, as I subscribe to NR, TWS, WSJ, and Commentary. Not one piece in 20 even makes me think, because I already know that Trump is crude and vulgar and his positions are often half-baked. But until someone presents an alternative, my only choice is whether I think those issues are so important that I must accept all the flaws in the messenger as the price of being heard at all.

Anyway, it's not about issues, it's about the GOP old guard refusing to share even a small amount of control, just like they stiffed the Tea Party. They have proven themselves to be vile, vicious beasts, the spawn of the negative campaigning tradition of of Black, Manafort, and Stone and Lee Atwater, mated with DeLay's "K-Street strategy", and the world would be better off without them.

If it was about issues, they would long ago (i.e., 4-6 weeks) have gone to Trump and worked out a deal where he would give ground on issues and accept their wishes on some key appointments, in return for them calling off the war and supporting him. But that would mean sharing power, which they will not do, They will vote for Hillary or set up a third party with the same result, rather than work for the good of the country or the Party.

They are like rabid dogs and you well know the only thing that can be done with a rabid dog."
When the establishment politicos threaten to go third party - after demanding a pledge from candidates not to do that - it becomes obvious what dirtbags these sleazy people are.

So the balance is between a) sleazy dirtbag proto-kings vs. b) an arrested juvenile blusterbutt king-killer patriot.

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