Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Must Be The End Times: Fermat's Last Theorem is Solved

Prof Solves 300-Year-Old Math Mystery, Wins $700K
Oxford professor had been trying to crack Fermat's Last Theorem since he was a boy
I guess I didn't get my solution in the mail in time... I was gonna buy a boat with the winnings, too. My solution was simple; it involved dividing by infinity three times in a row. I think that's how they prove string theory and get all those infinite universes, so it ought to work for about anything.


Hugo Pelland said...

If you liked that article, you might enjoy this:

Stan said...

Interesting link. But like I said, I solved it, but didn't have room/time/postage etc. And I lost the napkin I wrote it on... the dog ate it.

Hugo Pelland said...

Eating a $700k napkin... bad doggie!