Thursday, March 31, 2016

National Review Goes Full "Neener, Neener, Toldja So, Idiots!"

National Review responds to the Trump debacle, pretty much like Trump would:
‘Mental.’ ‘Utterly Stupid.’ ‘Trump Only Cares About Trump.’
What goes unsaid is that Trump didn't start it; he was responding to an attack on his own wife.

Here's a possible scenario: Someone, possibly Cruz, or a Cruz PAC, decides to poke the bear, make the bear irrational. Cruz is already complicit in dirty politics against Carson, so... who knows. But here's the thing: it works. Trump responds like a hormonal teenager. Media rage ensues. (Well, media rage against Trump is a given, regardless of the day of the week). But this time, it's serious. They have an actual case.

I might have to stay home on election day and make 20 gallons of popcorn to get us through the results evening. It's just a matter of time until there are blocks-long food lines under Bernie, and the empty shelves will not have popcorn. Maybe we should plant a couple of acres in popcorn, and use it for barter...

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