Sunday, April 24, 2016

Melissa Click II

Professor Calls the Cops on Journalist at Milo Yiannopolous Appearance

A professor at American University harassed journalist Ashe Schow, who was filming a protest at a Milo Yiannopolous event on campus. And when the unnamed teacher discovered that Schow and her crew were filming her, she immediately became hostile and called the police.
Washington Examiner journalist Ashe Schow reported Thursday that she was being harassed while filming at Washington, D.C.’s American University.

The students were protesting a speech by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, a controversial conservative firebrand and self-described “dangerous faggot.” “While our administration may not care about the safety of trans students, multicultural students, and survivors of sexual violence, we, the students will unite to prove that we do care, and say NO to Milo’s bigotry,” reads the Facebook page for the protest.

But when Schow went to the protest, she was met with fierce resistance from an adult woman, who demanded she stop filming and go inside with her. “Excuse me, are you kidding me?” she says when she realizes she’s being filmed by a smart phone, threatening to call the police. “There are certain regulations the university is guided by,” the woman can be heard saying in another video posted to Twitter. “We are not just providing a room, we’re providing also a safe speech for everybody who works or studies on this campus.”

Schow went on to tweet that the woman did call the police, but in true poetic justice she was escorted away instead of the reporters.
Another SJW tyrant who needs to be fired in the same manner as Melissa Click.


Steven Satak said...

What a bureaucratic no-load. Let's hope they keep hauling her away. Maybe one day the school will refuse to accept her back.

Robert Coble said...

Wait a second! I thought "faggots" were an officially recognized Victim Class. Doesn't Milo count if he self-describes as a "dangerous faggot"? By definition, as a member of a Victim Class, he CANNOT be bigoted.

I'm getting very confused (but NOT about MY gender!) Could I please have a score card so that I can see whose victimhood outranks everybody else's victimhood?!?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The next thing you know, the lesbian feminists will be trying to prevent gender-confused males who self-identify as females from taking over their shit-shoveling positions at the government funded trough of academia, although they WILL be welcome to take a dump in whichever bathroom they prefer to use.

Oh. . . wait. . . NEVER MIND!