Sunday, April 24, 2016

Think Trump Is Over The Top? Try This...

WashPost Analogizes Trump Deportation Plan to 'Pol Pot Genocide'

"Remember that Mr. Trump promised to round up 11 million undocumented immigrants and deport them, in what would be the largest forced population movement since Pol Pot’s genocide of the Cambodian people."
If you judge a person by who his enemies are, how much they fear him, and how far they go to smear and lie about him, then Trump is a prime candidate for president.


Robert Coble said...

I'm slowly but surely coming around to the Trumpster. I just saw that Cruz, Kasich and the GOP establishment are all plotting how to join forces against the Dark Side. That in itself is enough to waste my vote on Trump. Hey, if it's going to be wasted anyway, I might as well "hope" that the "change" from community organizer to Hollywood entertainer might actually get a wall built along the border. If that doesn't happen, we'll only have to endure 4 years of The Donald.

Contemplation of the HildeBitch (Arf! Arf! Arf!) or The Bern in the Oral Office (thank YOU, President Clinton, for that mental image) is a much more dismal prospect.

I was contemplating a statistical anomaly today. I've heard several cuckservative pundits regaling the story that there are 100 million UNemployed Americans. That's out of a total population of slightly less than 323 million people (men, women, gender confused, children and babies, down to those in the process of being born). The working population, age 15-64, is slightly over 204 million. So, according to those numbers, that means the actual UNemployment rate is 49%. Yet, the "official" US government figure is only 5.5% (as of May 2015). I know one of the major reasons that Congress is unable to recognize the little "problem" of $19 TRILLION in debt is their innumeracy. But why doesn't it strike anyone else as extremely dangerous to keep playing around with the UNemployment numbers and spreading the "best economic recovery EVAH!" happy-talk when nearly half of the eligible workforce is UNemployed?!?

Xellos said...

"I just saw that Cruz, Kasich and the GOP establishment are all plotting how to join forces against the Dark Side."

Kasich has less pledged delegates than Rubio, even long after Waterboy dropped out...

Anyone but Trump is not electable anyway, since Trump supporters are not faithful Republicans and won't vote for a party that fucks them over. If Trump doesn't get the nomination, they won't vote for him anyway (or stay home and get ready for the happening).

Cruz is a liar and he's had a lot of foul play, like falsely telling people "super secret info" that another candidate dropped out just on the voting day, letters that sound like "we're watching who you and your neighbours vote for", the Colorado delegate switcheroo, people saying they saw their votes mysteriously changed from Trump to Cruz, I could go on and maybe dig out some screencaps of his people stirring shit. Juicier rumours include him bussing people over voting places. He copies Trump's policies and passes them off as his ideas. Not to mention he's ineligible due to being Canadian.

Then there this: his father seems connected to JFK assassination.