Friday, May 6, 2016

How John Roberts Created Trump

I agree with this almost completely. I hadn't thought about this for a while, but it was the last nail in the coffin of "conservatives" and Republicans for me. John Roberts had ObamaCare in his hand. He ignored the US Constitution completely. He demonstrated that politics rules the judiciary, not any concern for the US Constitution, and therefore the rule of law is dead in the USA. Oh sure there were other final touches, such as giving the House to the Republicans who immediately provide all the funding that a Democrat could possibly want.

The voters created a Republican majority, and the Republicans demonstrated no will whatsoever to halt or even slow the rising Leftward tide. The only chance the nation has is to destroy the Republican Party and to remake it into an actual opposition party that respects both the US Constitution and the separation of powers which gives Congress the responsibility to set the agenda for the president.

The bi-coastal elitist myopics have no clue what is happening to them or why. The war has finally been joined, and the sides are being taken by weeding out the RINO, spineless and unprincipled crony politicians. Good riddance.

Yes. Good riddance to the Bushes, to all the CUCKservatives, to John "Traitor" McCain, to all the "NeverTrumpistas, to the rioting Children of Satan who have attempted to stop Trump from being heard and succeeded. Send them all to Canada or to Londonistan if they boast that they will leave if Trump is elected.

Yes. Trump is a strongman. Yes. Trump is uncouth. Yes. He can be obscene. And yes. He cares nothing for the paleo-Republican cronyism that the party parasites demand of him. If Trump is corrupt it is nothing compared to the soulless GOPe. They demanded that Trump support the final nominee, and they immediately abandoned Trump and the primary voters when he became the final nominee: how could any pile of slime get slimier?

The destruction of the GOPe has begun, and I celebrate its impending renewal as a principled, constitutional, fierce opponent of all the cronies in the hopelessly decadent bi-coastal oligarchies. And if it doesn't self-renew, then I will remain a non-Republican. And I'll continue to prepare for the ultimate demise of the republic due to social and political incoherence.
"Roberts essentially told would-be Trumpistas not to bother the courts with important issues, that if you want to beat Obama you have to get your own strongman—complete with pen, phone, and contempt for the Constitution. So they did, bypassing several flavors of constitutional conservative in favor of a populism that knows nothing but “winning.”

Roberts and Trump have one thing in common: a belief that judges should stop striking down laws and just let political majorities rule, individual liberty be damned.

It’s such a shame, and deeply ironic. A constitutional moment had actually arrived in 2010. Remember, the people had risen up against crony capitalism, against bailouts and out-of-control government in every aspect of our lives. Real constitutionalists were sent to Congress—Massachusetts even elected a Republican senator in a bid to stop Obamacare—and state legislatures turned red based on opposition to federal overreach.

The last domino, the White House, was poised to fall, too—would have already if any A-list constitutionalist had run in 2012—with the most talented and intellectually vibrant GOP primary field since Ronald Reagan ran unopposed in 1984. But then Roberts ushered in the Trump tornado. Constitutional conservatism simply couldn’t survive judicial conservatism. The genteel Roberts and the vulgar Trump thus have one thing in common: a belief that judges should stop striking down laws and just let political majorities rule, individual liberty be damned.

In sum, the constitutional moment expired on the shoals of Roberts’s judicial restraint. Even Scott Brown, the Republican briefly elected to “Ted Kennedy’s seat,” endorsed Trump.

Instead of teaching the people that our republican form of government works, we’re left with the false empowerment of a self-consuming democracy.* Comes now our own Peron, leading his modern-age descamisados down the road to a “Great America” that could genuinely have existed if Roberts had only done his job."

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