Thursday, May 5, 2016

This Says It All

Depressed media blame themselves for Trump's rise

Donald Trump effectively secured the Republican nomination for president this week and many in the media are asking themselves: How could we let this happen?

The billionaire businessman barreled his way through the primary, knocking out more than a dozen current and former governors and senators, and it is widely believed that he did so by seizing the zeitgeist of disaffected and discouraged voters. Yet, big voices in the national press believe his success is their failure.

"The Republican horse race is over and journalism lost," wrote New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg on Thursday. "In the end, you have to point the finger at national political journalism, which has too often lost sight of its primary directives in this election season: to help readers and viewers make sense of the presidential chaos; to reduce the confusion, not add to it; to resist the urge to put ratings, clicks and ad sales above the imperative of getting it right."

Liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus sang a similar tune. "We underperformed our constitutionally protected role," she wrote on Tuesday, after Trump's closest rival, Ted Cruz, withdrew from the race. "Sure, every campaign cycle features hand-wringing over the primacy of the horse race over the substance. This one feels demonstrably worse."

She said that the news media were "mesmerized by the bright, shiny object that is Donald Trump" and "collectively failed to plumb his gaping lack of policy knowledge and proposals."

"Our role is, or should be, to provide the information essential for voters to make an informed decision," Marcus wrote. "We fell short."
So to clarify, their role was to get revenue, when it should have been to destroy Trump and make the world safe for the first vagina-genitalia president.

The MSM cannot learn. The reality is that Americans fully understand that a) the MSM are 100% turds; b) 100% of the MSM is further Left than Sanders but wants Hillary to be first Vagina-genitalia President; c) the MSM are 100% turds. That's the reason that every time the media tried to kill Trump's presidency, Americans understood that a) and c) are the only pervasive characteristics of the MSM. So Americans, at least those who care whether the president is an incompetent, seditious criminal regardless of genitalia, reveled in Trump's roughshod trampling of the media when they needed it.

But the MSM thinks it failed, because it failed to meet the expectations for the propaganda arm of the Democrat Leftist Party. They failed to protect the putative vagina genitalia president from the thorough incineration she will now be receiving from a real opponent. Yes. They are failures of all types.


Robert Coble said...

It will be interesting to see how The Donald deals with the putative Queen Vagina I prior to the coronation by the MSM. Watch as they bring out the long knives. Watch as The Donald eviscerates them with their own weapons.

Mama, get me some more popcorn!

Xellos said...

Let me guess.

It's been a lot of fun watching the salt spilling out of Twatter for the last few days - and the RINOs shilling for Hillary. Cruz was probably ordered to drop the race, while everyone organises behind the next line of defence (and Sanders fills his retirement fund).