Friday, June 3, 2016

Always Remember: This is all Trump's Fault (Updated)

Violence Breaks Out at Trump Rally in San Jose, Protesters Hurl Eggs, Throw Punches, Intimidate Supporters

Police Officer Assaulted, Punches Thrown After San Jose Trump Rally

Protesters Punch, Throw Eggs at Trump Supporters in Calif.
Several supporters of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee were seen chased and taunted by protesters

San Jose Mayor Justifies Mob Violence

"Thousands of Americans participated in that most benign of civic rituals in San Jose, California, on Thursday night: seeing a presidential candidate speak. Of course, that candidate was Donald Trump, so as these engaged citizens streamed out of the arena, they were subjected to astonishing levels of violence. An angry mob pelted eggs, tomatoes, and bottles at the spectators—as well as the police, who tried (and failed) to maintain some semblance of order. Other Trump supporters were set upon and punched. One was left with blood streaming down his face. (See representative video below.)

The mayor of San Jose, Democrat Sam Liccardo, reacted angrily to the events. Not that he was particularly upset at the violent mob that attacked innocent Americans, of course. No, his ire was directed at Mr. Trump. "At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign," the mayor said. Apparently it was downright "irresponsible" of Trump to even set foot in California's third largest city."
"Vox editor Emmett Rensin tweeted, “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.” He then added, “Listen, if Trump is Hitler then you’ve got no business condemning rioters. If he isn’t, you’ve got no businesses pretending normal is better.”"
Hitler encouraged the riots in Germany.
Among the supporters taunting the protesters was the woman who would eventually be cornered by the angry mob. Pinned against the doors of the Marriott hotel next to the convention center, she became the focal point of the crowd’s anger. Protesters hurled obscenities, spit on her, and ultimately began egging her.
Although hotel staff eventually rescued her, police never stepped in — a decision that clearly emboldened protesters, who took to the streets, marching, burning flags, and chanting “Fuck Trump!” . . .
In at least two instances Trump supporters engaged with protesters, chanting “Donald Trump” and walking directly into the thickest, angriest portions of the protests. But things quickly spiraled, and rallygoers simply trying to get back to their cars were chased down and beaten — often at the feet of San Jose Police, who stood by motionless.
Police were present at the gathering, but took a hands-off approach to the crowd. In some cases, officers stood nearby as fighting and violence broke out.
A police source told BuzzFeed News that officers were under orders to not break ranks.
When seconds count, police are only seconds away — standing there watching you get assaulted. And whose fault is it? Trump’s of course!
This will only get worse. The police are complicit. Nothing will be done to stop this. If I were Trump, I'd hire my own army to stop these assaults.

Trump San Jose Rally Protests: The Videos You Need to See

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