Friday, June 3, 2016

The Astonishing Ressurection of Sir Tim Hunt

Incredible. Read it all there.
The Tim Hunt Debacle

And here is the lying dirtbag who attacked him:
Why Feminists Cleared a Nobel Prizewinner

A very flawed accuser: Investigation into the academic who hounded a Nobel Prize winning scientist out of his job reveals troubling questions about her testimony
Read both of these to understand what happened to Hunt at the hands of Social Justice and its demonic adherents.

And this comment at YOUTUBE from Louise Mensch:
I am delighted to be able to say that David Colquhoun and all the pushers of the false narrative have been comprehensively defeated this week. The Royal Society has reappointed Sir Tim Hunt, who represents them on a working group on EU funding - major policy for the RS. Tim Hunt sits on the group with a number of eminent female and male scientists. Professor Collins has won a huge and plum appointment at the Okiinawa institute in Japan; Sir Tim will continue his work on behalf of the Royal Society and the EMBO (European Molecular Biology Agency) from there. What a knock to David Colquhoun and all Hunt's detractors. As long as he remained un-reappointed, their narrative might have won, but with Sir Tim Hunt once more representing the Royal Society his detractors have comprehensively lost. Colquhoun sacrificed his honour and his reputation - and in the end didn't even win a debating point. I've seen homeopaths with more credibility. Congratulations to Professor Collins and Sir Tim Hunt
YES! Congratulations to Sir Tim Hunt!

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