Thursday, June 9, 2016

Millenials Not Hot For Clinton?

"So why aren’t millennial women excited by the prospect of seeing the first female president in our lifetime? Precisely because the woman who might take that honor is Hillary Clinton.

Also, millennials have been taught that gender is fluid. She might be a woman today, but by the time she’s sworn in she might decide to be a man."

Ashe Schow via Instapundit
Hm. Maybe she already is... who can know for sure?

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CJ said...

"that gender is fluid"

Worse, the *definition* of gender is fluid. I've never been able to get anyone to pin down what "gender" is supposed to be. It's not simply biological sex, but many try to subsume biological sex into it. Is it something akin to the "behavioral models and social roles traditionally associated with men and women"? But that begs the question of what a "man" and a "woman" are. They can't simply be "biological males or females", because, given the subsumption of biological sex into "gender" that simply results in a circular definition.

Is a "woman" simply anyone who "identifies as" one? Another obviously circular definition. Is it anyone one who possesses "female brain structures"? Again, if we don't know what "female" means, how could we know what "female brain structures" are?

I mean, the next time someone says Caitlyn Jenner is a "woman", just try asking "But what is a 'woman'?" You might get a blank stare. You might get outrage. You might get called a misogynist. But the one thing you won't get is anything resembling a coherent answer.