Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The GOP Rush to Race-Shame Shows Their Leftist Capitulation

GOP luminaries bashing Trump thereby endorse La Raza

Did Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell do their La Raza homework before calling Trump a bigot?

It appears they may not have. Or worse, they’ve done their homework but chosen not to factor in the nature of the organization named La Raza.

Jerome R. Corsi in WND posted an article entitled “Judge, Law Firm Bringing Trump U Case Both Tied To La Raza.” It begins:

The federal judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuit is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a group that while not a branch of the National Council of La Raza, has ties to the controversial organization, which translates literally ‘The Race.’

From there, the case gets worse for Trump’s GOP critics:

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel was “a member of the selection committee for the organization’s 2014 Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner & Gala [that featured President Obama as keynote speaker]. Meanwhile, the San-Diego based law firm representing the plaintiffs in the Trump University case, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, was listed as a sponsor of the event.” (As noted in a Corsi article linked below, that law firm made a major donation to the Clintons.)

“At the 2014 San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association event at which Curiel served as a panel member, one of the recipients of a $1,500 scholarship, Ricardo Elorza, boast about being an illegal immigrant. ‘Mr. Elorza wishes to someday tell any student struggling with higher education, ‘Look, a boy from Oaxaca, who did not know English, and is undocumented has now graduated from law school and is an attorney,’ the San Diego La Raza Lawyers’ Association brochure for the 2014 Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner & Gala said.” (Did Judge Curiel not take a judicial oath to uphold the law? And did he violate that oath by helping promote illegal activity – which includes violating federal immigration law? Will there be a complaint made against him? Should he be disbarred?)

In an earlier WND article, Corsi reported that “[d]ocuments released Wednesday in a case accusing Trump University of fraud confirmed the law firm behind the national class-action lawsuit paid Bill and Hillary Clinton a total of $675,000 for speeches.”

Corsi also noted that “[f]urther, while the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association and the National Council of La Raza are legally separate incorporated entities, the two groups appear to have an affiliation that traces back to the emergence of MEChA, the Moviemento Estudiantil Chicanos de Atzlán. MEChA is a 1960s radical separatist student movement in California that espoused the mythical Aztec idea of a ‘nation of Aztlán,’ comprising much of the southwestern United States, including California.”

David Horowitz’s website has posted a detailed, documented 6,427-word overview of La Raza. It begins with this overview:

Largest Hispanic organization in the U.S.

Lobbies for racial preferences, bilingual education, stricter hate crimes laws, mass immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens

Views America as a nation rife with white racism and discrimination

By any reasonable definition, La Raza and affiliates match the description of race-based and race-biased organizations.

Is it possible to believe that senior Republican officials, in and out of office, lack knowledge of La Raza, to include its composition, agenda, and funding? No. They know.

In deciding to call Trump a bigot, albeit with typical, political, circuitous language, they illustrate what it is about the GOP that caused so many Republican primary voters to reject the multiple candidates they favored over Trump (eventually, all of them, even Cruz).

And, more particularly, it suggests why Paul Ryan was part of that GOP ticket in 2012 that was handily defeated.
The lawyers and the judge are tightly coupled; the judge is a La Raza participant in at least one potential crime involving an illegal alien.

Have you noticed that virtually every Leftist charge against Trump cannot withstand the light of day?


cam said...

Stan said...

That looks like a Tu Quoque to me.

I would not like being judged by any judge who was Ku Kux Klan, nor NAACP, nor any racial power activist group. I think Trump should have asked for a judicial recusal and not made the statement he did, although it is a valid concern. Race has been made part of the Leftist Class War; not to recognize that would be to invite victimization at the hands of the Class Warriors.

cam said...

Trump is fundamentally and profoundly unfit for the office of President. He has demonstrated this both in word and in deed.

Xellos said...

cam said so, it must be true! /sarcasm

cam said...

Trump has been a public figure for decades, his act is old. In one of the back to Future movies they had Biff play Trump, very funny. That an amoral progressive New York City plutocrat could do his best impression of Archie Bunker and ride a wave of populist self righteous anger into office is just as bad as the alternative. Hard times up ahead for us all. We shall see.