Friday, August 19, 2016

Quote Du Jour

Vox Day:
"They will call us fascists. They will call us racists. They will call us Nazis. They will call us sexists. They will call us anti-semitic. They will call us ultra-nationalists. They will call us white supremacists.

And whether those charges are true or not, we don't care. Because we prefer to live in Western civilization, among civilized Western people."
The Left has created the "hyphens", the -Americans such as Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, LGBTQSNONDI-Americans, etc., as they tribalize their Victimhood Groups. So it is no wonder that the default Oppressor Group consists of Sexist-Patriarchal-Americans, fascist-Americans, bitter-clinging-flyover-Americans, racist-Americans, and whatever false characterizations they can concoct that might suit to enrage the Victimhood Tribes. Some Victimhood Tribal Classes are perpetually enraged, with little help from provocateurs. But the provocateurs are standing at the ready anyway. Divide and Conquer is in full play.

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