Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twitter Goes Full Leftist SJW

Twitter Suspends Instapundit
Day is correct. It's just a matter of time before blogger goes full Leftist censorship, too. There will be many accounts affected before this one here, because this is a minor player (or less than even that), and will escape the attention of the initial bots (I hope). But I need to back-up some stuff just in case.

The web is being fully converged by the coterie of social media providers. It will be harder to shut down independent bloggers using private providers, but when the web is given over to the Soros-approved managers, it's only a matter of time until the entire web is Leftist-censored. If Hillary is elected, that will be a certainty.

Facebook Algorithms Take Down WordPress Lawyer's Post About Idiocy Of Algorithmic Takedowns


CJ said...

Have you considered running your own server? I've done so now for several years -- webserver, mail server, cloud server, VPN, and GPG server -- pretty much all the online services I need I run myself. Not only does it keep my private info out of the hands of exploiters like Google and Zuckerberg, with the likes of Yahoo! handing half a billion user accounts over to Russian hackers, it's far more secure.

These days, private servers aren't that complex. Shouldn't be much of a challenge for an engineer.

yonose said...


CJ is right. Now there's powerful enough infrastructure to keep everything going, even if you wish to have your own resource-constrained data center!!

Think about it, don't give up!

look at these (won't use syntax for hyperlinks):

the third one is one of the most secure options available nowadays if you wish to run your own typical (LAMP) infrastructure center.

Fortunately, Linux and especially Windows are not the only ways to do so!

Kind Regards!!