Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Completely Expected Rights Cancellation on Campus

'Campus Craziness': 'Unborn Lives Matter' posters banned
DePaul University told college Republicans group they cannot use pro-life posters stating 'Unborn Lives Matter' that mimic design of Black Lives Matter
Hillary and the Left KNOW that unborn humans are not "persons", and therefore fetuses pass their standards for the Leftist "Kill Class". The Left is very jealous of their Kill Class, which Hillary expands to the very point of birth, via partial birth abortions. Abortionists have previously gotten around late term abortion bans by aborting a dead fetus, which was just killed with injections of kill toxins.

When morality is merely an opinion, the culture will drift into spasms of total amorality. We are there. Half the nation, roughly, supports the total amorality of Hillary Clinton, her rapist and child-rapist husband, and their criminal enterprises for which they cannot receive any punitive corrective legal action.

The only remaining morality is that of the dictated morals from the Left: Only Black Lives Matter, except in ghettos of course, where illegal guns matter.

Creepy Uncle Joe waxes hyper-moral about Trump (ignoring rapist Bill Clinton, of course). Uncle Joe is known for man-handling women, on camera. But at least he doesn't talk about it.
SMOKIN’ JOE: VP says he wants to take Trump 'behind the gym' over comments about women
Maybe creepy uncle Joe could send some DNC operatives to beat up Trump. That's the official modus operendi of the Democrat Party.

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