Saturday, October 22, 2016

Obama's Legacy Failure: ObamaCare Careens Off The Tracks and Into the Swamp of Oblivion

GOP rebuffs Obama's entreaties to fix health law
In a rare lucid moment, Obama realizes that his legacy is going down in flames (metaphor #2). The disaster is purely Democrat caused, and a skeptic might think it to be on purpose. The drive toward single payer nationalized insurance is the dream of the Hillary camp, and that would be worse yet. If that's possible. But it's the next step in the Leftist Hegelian antithesis strategy.

President Barack Obama on Thursday called for Republicans next year to pass legislation to repair Obamacare. The GOP response? No.

Democrats have long held out hope that with a new president, the political winds would shift, creating an opening to pass badly needed legislative repairs.

But Republicans have been bashing Obamacare for more than six years and there is no sign that they’re going to break that habit — let alone vote for legislative repairs. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that the law “can’t be fixed.”

Obamacare is the reason “we’ve seen record premium hikes,” Ryan said in a statement. “That's why millions of people—including millennials—have lost their plans, or been forced to buy plans they don’t like. That's why we've seen waste, fraud, and abuse. And at this point, one thing is clear: This law can't be fixed.
The entire thrust of ObamaCare is to a) insure pre-existing conditions for which the insured have not paid anything into the system, and b) burden the system with mountains of regulations on Doctors and hospital systems.

I lost my own doctor this year, a victim of ObamaCare due to loss of ability to support her clinic under the additional costs of ObamaCare. It's not just the insurance costs doubling that's the problem. The problem extends to all facets of healthcare, which is overloaded with government requirements, and the costs for that government expansion. There's no way that ObamaCare could NOT increase costs at all points in the process of healthcare.

But it's failure will not stop the Left from driving toward single-payer, government healthcare, where everyone gets the same schlock healthcare except for the very wealthy, who will have private health communes or some such. Leftism always, always rewards the very wealthy while claiming to do the opposite. That's the "private position" Hillary talks about, as she and Bill drive toward being billionaires, by selling political access.

Here's ObamaCare's main accomplishment:
Fewer Americans Have Private Health Insurance Now Than in 2007
Note that this includes millennials.

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