Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feminist: "End Orgasm Privilege NOW!"

Feminist Writer Says We Need to Put an End to ‘Orgasm Privilege’

There’s a new front in the war against the Patriarchy: “Orgasm privilege”

In a scathing article, one feminist writer says it’s the reason why women don’t climax on par with men in the bedroom. In the piece, which includes a warning that “whilst it discusses vaginas, under no circumstances do genitals determine gender,” feminist journalist Lauren Ingram urges women to pick up the fight and demand equality in orgasms.

Well, since there is a feminist movement to incarcerate all men, and keep them completely away from the lesbian/feministas, it would seem that this complaint is trivial in the overall feminist scheme of things. But then again, there is nothing about feminism which demands, or even recognizes, actual coherence within the many feminista demands on the Other. Coherence apparently is a patriarchy-thingy.

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