Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Natural Selection of Bad Science

Study warns that science as we know it is evolving into something shoddy and unreliable
Proving yet again that entropy (principle of physics) supersedes the evolutionary claim of accumulation of beneficial features, including within "science" itself.

Who is to blame here? Just the Atheists who made Darwinist story telling into THE Science of all Sciences, akin to Physics if Physics were as cool as evolution.

Now that story-telling is all that is needed, science can produce pretty much any claim it wants to be true, create stories about it, and declare it to be True, scientifically speaking of course. Unfortunately that renders much of science to be logically absurd, and its practitioners to be trusted at the approximate level of politicians, child molesters and Atheists. (I'm sure there is a Venn diagram of that somewhere...).

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