Sunday, October 23, 2016

Truth is objectively dialectic; Social Justice is weaponized secular morality

Post Modernism gained strength through the concept of word dismemberment (deconstruction): Words were declared to have no unified meanings; they are not truths, they are subjective, meaning whatever the user wants and no more. No objective truth can be expressed using words, and therefore it actually does not exist. Thus there is only subjective meaning in the world. The culture of the west morphed into Post Truth. Because Modernism valued Enlightenment, empirically provable concepts as “truths”, scientific in nature, being empirically justified even if contingent, Modernism has been culturally rejected.

Under Post Truth and Post Modernism, the Aristotelian logic valued by most scientists and mathematicians no longer applied to any argument, and even to some sciences. Thus the criticism that it is logically false to claim that “it is true that there is no truth” bears no weight with the Post Modernist. Logic is no longer necessary, and is discarded.

Replacing logic and truth in the arena of Post Modernism is the subjectively derived “truth” of the new moral system. After rejection of all pre-existing moral systems (except one secular source [1]), the new moral system emerged, called Social Justice. Social Justice is held as a First Principle which is intuitively obvious to the Post Modernist.

However, since Aristotelian logic no longer applies under Post Truth and Post Modernism, there is no need to test the truth value of the precepts of Social Justice against such obsolete standards as coherence, logical form, grounding, Reductio Ad Absurdum. It is sufficient to “feel” the “truth” of the all-new First Principles of morality.

Because logic and truth are eschewed, because the new morality is inarguable, and because the moral superiority of the new class of self-righteous elites needs no input from the unrighteous, paleo-Modernists, the wall of eliteness surrounding the Post Truth, Post Enlightenment, Post Modernist elites is impregnable to assaults from paleo-reasoning of Aristotelian logic.

Which is why arguing logic with these self-anointed elite Social Justice Warriors is futile – IFF the intent is to sway them. The only useful point of arguing logic is to present the Enlightenment concepts of valid thought to those whose curiosity brings them to be observers on the side-lines. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know whether there is any actual influence brought to bear on silent observers.

Still, it seems obvious that intelligent thought about such claims as “it is true that there is no truth” would reveal that Non-Contradiction is a more self-evident, valid concept than is equal outcomes for all humans except for Enlightenment Modernists, who are “evil” [2][3].

1. Marxist classism and class war is now the dominant cultural theory of the Post Truth, Post Modernist Social Justice Warriors. The classes are a) the Oppressed Class; b) the Oppressor Class; c) the Savior (Messiah) Class. Every social conflict can be shown to be divided into these three Marxist classification. Frequently Classes are combined (Messiah Class members also being members of the “Oppressed” Class.) However, the elitist, self-righteous, “moral” imperatives remain, no matter what. This becomes the identity of the SJW, the core of the SJW’s very being without which the SJW would be nothing but too common to notice.

2. It is interesting to note that the Left, including the majority of Atheists, tends toward elitist Social Justice, while the Right tends strongly toward Enlightenment Empirical Modernism. This brings the Right to criticize certain non-empirical faux sciences, and brings the Left to defend the faux sciences which support their objectives under Social Justice and Atheism. When the Left defends Evolution and AGW, they are not defending Modernism or Enlightenment Empiricism because neither endeavor is Empirical. They are defending ideological support which is given by non-empirical, unprovable and non-truth-bearing endeavors.

3. "Equal Outcomes" is a Marxist, totalitarian concept; it has been given a moral imperative designation by the SJW community.

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