Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Binary Nation

Vox Day, on national unity:
The purpose of democracy is to avoid violence in the transition of power. But if the Left doesn't wish to play by those rules anymore, the Alt-Right is more than ready to meet them on the field of politics by other means.

Understand that healing and unity are not in the cards. This is not an ideological struggle between one people. The mask has been removed and the veil has been withdrawn. What cleaves the USA is an identity conflict between rival nations competing for power over each other. Read Huntington. Read Fukuyama. Read Gibbon. Peaceful unity is no longer a possibility and the best that can be hoped for now is a wary, short-term cessation of hostilities that will inevitably flare up again.
The Left is totally intolerant of any deviation from their self-derived "moral imperatives". Will that change overnight into tolerance? Will they "come together" in order to unify the nation? Of course not. To do that is completely outside of their identity: elitist, self-righteous, intolerant. They can only be contained, and that, not by rational argument nor appeals to community.

Both sides cannot be "right" simultaneously. That is why the constitutional Americans have been derided and sidelined for the past - what - 40 years or so. Now the constitutional Americans has risen up, so will the derision and deprecation cease? Or will it intensify? If it intensifies, as I believe that it will, how should it be dealt with? If rational argument and appeals to community fail, then what remains?

Is it possible that the coming civil war will be started, not by the Right, but by the Left?

Remember that in the 1861-5 Civil War, federal troops were deployed on American soil, in abundance. So the precedent exists.

A final thought. The nation has been binary ever since the Democrat Party was created to preserve slavery. That evil led to the Civil War, as Democrats fought to preserve their "right" to hold humans as slaves. The Democrat Party has promoted evils ever since, spawning the KKK, Jim Crow and segregation, perpetual welfare, and many foreign wars and aborted peace, culminating in global terrorism. The Democrats are who they are; the appeal to be civilized will not faze them.

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