Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sabo Strikes!

PHOTOS: L.A. street artist ‘moving sale’ posters for anti-Trump celebrities

More photos at the site... (notice the website address)

OH NO! Canada to build a Liberal-containment and prevention wall??
Canadians Don’t Want America-Fleeing Liberals (Especially Lena Dunham)

They’re even talking about building their own wall—to keep immigrants from American out of their pristine cities and away from their mounted law enforcement, gravy and cheese covered French fries, superior hockey coverage and French Sesame Street.
Well, who can blame them?

Ginsberg to relocate to New Zealand?
And this:
Spredfast said late Tuesday that "as signs in the [Democratic] blue wall began to show" trouble for Clinton, Canada's immigration website crashed as Americans rushed to consider a relocation to the northern neighbor of the US.
The good news just is not stopping...

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