Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Here's to the Leftist Troll-Losers

It should be obvious that I deplore the actual contemptible Leftists and their trolls, but it might not be so obvious that I also deplore the disgusting and contemptible "conservatives" who are indiscernible from Leftists and their trolls. They're all the same thing: Atheist totalitarians who do not tolerate dissent.

Quoting Vox Day again:
"You guys will be crying yourself soon enough, when you realize how easily you were played and what damage is going to be done to conservative movement...
We. Are. Not. Conservatives.

We are Alt-Right.

We. Don't. Care.

The Alt-Right Revolution has only begun."

The so-called "conservatives" sold out long ago. Now known as Cucks, as in Cuckservatives, they are part of the established elitist cabal of cronies, along with the media, the university systems, Hollywood, and of course, the usual Leftist parasites. These "conservatives" have conserved nothing; they have implemented the obama budget in the House each and every year. They promote war-mongered interference in wars around the world - seven separate wars being simultaneously waged by the USA right now. They did nothing to prevent the massive illegal invasion from the south. In fact, they are merely Leftists in conservative face-paint.

It takes a total brute-force outsider like Trump to dump these vermin. (The entire staff of National Review soiled themselves over Trump: Conservatives against Trump). The entire Republican and Democrat parties must be dissolved and rebuilt.

I cheer him on. If the Troll-losers don't like it, they should remember:

We. Don't. Freaking. Care.

If you can't stand constitutional freedoms; if you think you don't need no stinking laws; if your personal morality trumps historical, western morality as codified in the US Constitution, then you are the enemy. What happens to the enemy?

We. Don't. Freaking. Care.

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