Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Obama Is Now Said To Support The Trump Presidency.

But here's what Obama said yesterday:

A string of lies and defamations shouted to a cheering crowd.[*]

Half the nation. Roughly. Half the nation is without morals, without qualms regarding Leftist lies and crimes, without principles other than Leftist narrative of day. Half the nation responded to the hate messaging of the Left, as if it were Truth, Truth to be cheered for. Half the nation has no respect for the US Constitution. Half. The. Nation.

Does it matter when Hillary rouses a crowd by calling half the nation "deplorables: mysoginist, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic; irredeemables"? Does it matter when Obama derogates us as he does? What matters is that half the nation cheers when they say these things. The self-righteousness and arrogant moral superiority flows tsunami-like through these Leftists.

No. We cannot work with such people. It doesn't matter if Obama was insincere then, or is insincere now. What matters is that the moral core of the Left half of the nation is rotted out. Completely disintegrated. Replaced by the New Morality of the arrogant, elitist, utopian Left.

One scenario sticks with me. A hysterical Hillary supporter claimed to be all about love, while spewing hate the whole time. For her, "love" is an identity which is signalling moral supremacy, not anything even near actual "love". No one can or should compromise with the "morally superior" who are focused totally on their "superiority". The "superior" will always feel the need to dominate the Other. Always.

*Obama charged Trump of being KKK; unAmerican; disrespecting the US Constitution; a Putin subordinate; controlling reporters; threatening to throw his opponent in jail (true, and deserved); discrimination against "people of different faiths" (Obama does that- ask the Little Sisters of Mercy, and all bakeries and photographers); is uniquely unqualified to hold "this job";

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