Friday, November 25, 2016

It Doesn't Need Saying Again, But I Just Feel Like Saying It

Trump put an end to:
1. Bush Dynasty
2. Billionaire-bought-and-owned politicians
3. Republican establishment
4. Clinton Dynasty
5. Democrat establishment
6. MSM stranglehold
7. Any concept of Leftist civility
8. Obama's legacy
There will be an extensive list soon, including killing TPP, quit stalling pipelines, quit reducing and PC'ing the military, eliminating the Leftist hegemony in Administration agencies including Education, IRS, EPA, Justice, Homeland Security, etc.

It'll be a blizzard of destruction for the Left and reconstruction of true tolerance, responsible constitutional law, rational (if rowdy) reconstruction of cultural morality, and marginalization of America/white/male hatred and PC war. Great time to be alive!

More Popcorn!

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