Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump and Twitter Eradicate the Necessity of the MSM Filter

Trump Actually Treating Media Better Than They Deserve

Trump's social media habits scare them the most, because as we saw with the New York Times meeting, he can take his case directly to the public. That connection has a lot of people freaked out because it seriously upsets the old order. No longer is everything filtered through the MSM. I've been saying since the beginning of the campaign that political science students will be studying Trump's use of social media in this election for years to come.

Republicans who were uncomfortable with Trump's rough style during the campaign and longed for Mitt Romney's class and decency seemed to have forgotten that Romney's fortunes turned on a dime because Candy Crowley ran interference for President Obama during a debate, fact-checking something Romney had asserted. One small problem, her fact-check was a lie. He essentially lost the election to a CNN reporter.

But, hey, above the fray and whatnot, right?

If the only thing Trump accomplishes in office is giving the GOP some lessons in handling the derelict, irresponsible MSM then he will have given the party a lasting gift that will reap rewards for it far into the future.

If some feelings are hurt along the way, they probably needed to be.

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