Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Oxford Dictionary Adds an Appropriate Word

Oxford Dictionaries names 'post-truth' word of the year
For much of the western nations, Truth has become irrelevant. The Nietzschean will-to-power under the Leftist narrative supplants any search for Aristotelian validation of arguments. And the First Principles of Non-contradiction and Excluded Middle are no longer even considered.

That leaves Tautology, or definition as Truth, as the sole source, where X is defined as True and therefore IS True. The assertion of tautology is the fundament of Narrative, and Narrative is the source of PC and the three class system. So the pseudo-Marxist Leftist utopian Narrative is definitely Post-Truth.

While the term, "post-truth" is apparently recent, the post-modern adaptation was popularized by Marx/Darwin, with each of those affecting the rise of anti-rationality in science, philosophy and culture.

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