Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Post-Truth Cloister, Where Rational Inversion Runs Rampant

Where "inclusion" means exclusion; where "love" means hate; where "education" means indoctrination; where "adulthood" means too fragile to survive any non-congruence.
'Tolerant' educators exile Trump voters from campus: Glenn Reynolds

Donald Trump’s substantial victory, when most progressives expected a Hillary Clinton landslide, came as a shock to many. That shock seems to have been multiplied in academe, where few people seem to know any Trump supporters — or, at least, any Trump supporters who’ll admit to it.

The response to the shock has been to turn campuses into kindergarten.
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It does make sense in a completely perverse manner. Inclusion means "all colors... who are Leftist". Love means "brotherhood of Leftists only (I love ya, comrade). Education means "Leftist thoughts only, and acceptance into the society of Messiahism".

Truth plays no part; it does not exist as a potential filter. What is the singular feature is "Faux Morality", and the self-righteous elitism which is conferred upon the otherwise featureless cult member. And this faux morality enables all sorts of evil - traditionally speaking - behaviors which are far outside the voluntary restrictions of civility, as well as legal constraints.

Perhaps the best description of the current Left is that they are Post Truth, completely Unconstrained, capable of any atrocity, answer to no moral constraints save their own Narrative Mantras. In this interpretation, they are no different from terrorists, except that the Left merely is potentially terroristic for the most part.

Filtering out the true meaning of their inverted definitions gives the following view of today's Leftism: exclusive (elitist), hateful and hate mongers, indoctrinated and indoctrinating, encourage emotionalism over rationalism and Victimhood directed toward Messiahism. Further, Messiahism focuses on the eradication of the Other, i.e., the Oppressor Class.

The totalitarianism is obvious.

Man gunned down outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump
There have been many Trump voters attacked, beaten, and now shot. This started many months ago. The Left has no comment about such thing, but get hysterical over Trump's cabinet selections... which don't kill anyone.

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