Thursday, November 24, 2016

Post-Truth Denialism: MSM Can't Identify Dishonesty, When It's Them

King Shocked That Trump Would Call CBS News, ‘Dishonest Media’
They cannot be honest because they cannot see their own dishonesty. They are narrative mongers, Leftist shills, amoral parrots and nothing more. They would be despicable if they were sane.


Steven Satak said...

I note the most dishonest of them appears to coincide with the sites that will not permit comments on their 'reports'. This especially includes the sites still screeching for a recount, insisting that the voter machines are suddenly 'rigged' and that because the vote did not turn out the way they expected (how should it, when such a large number of 'Hillary supporters' never even registered to vote?), it's now subject to endless 'recounts'. Like Brexit, the first look is likely the most honest, and like Brexit, there won't be any recounting.

Steven Satak said...

At a place called 'The Week', an opinion piece explains why it is a bad idea to call on the Electoral College to vote for Clinton anyway.

The Week is, of course, a Leftist organ.

The tip-off was when the author began talking about the fallibility of the Electoral College. "This whole scheme only works if our collective response to such a radical intervention (by the Electoral College) would be, "Thank you for saving us from ourselves."

The speaker seems completely unaware that his statement is one that is routinely applied to the self-appointed 'Liberal Elite'.

This crying lack of self-awareness would be shocking except for one thing... it is NOT a lack of self-awareness. That would be the case if we were talking about people who are honest with themselves.

In this case, it is merely a symptom of the Left which I am sure most of you recognise - that is, they maintain one set of rules for themselves (absolute blind trust in everything I say) and another set of rules for everyone else (eternally skeptical and suspicious of everything everyone ELSE says).

They know they are rotten, of course. They just think such a thing matters in everyone but them. As Vox Day noted, 'SJWs (and by extension, the Left) always project'.

Steven Satak said...
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