Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Inevitability of White Nationalism Due to Leftist Identity Classism

National Review still doesn't comprehend the Class War:
An Awful Lot of Media Coverage for About 200 Losers Getting Together

Yes, it’s absolutely awful that about 200 white nationalist guys – or maybe 199 guys and former reality television star Tila Tequila – got together at a Washington D.C. convention center, give Nazi salutes, yelled “Hail Trump!” and generally made asses of themselves.


The Washington Post chose the headline, “attendance rises at annual white nationalist conference in D.C.”, without any actual numbers in the article. CNN declared, “White nationalism, a term once on the fringes, now front and center.” The San Diego Union-Tribune declared, ‘Trump’s win brings ‘white pride’ out of the shadows.” Again, remember: about 200 guys. A lot of the coverage quotes the members and leaders, discussing how quickly their membership is growing and boasting of how influential they will be in the incoming Trump administration. They really seem to believe that they represent a wide swath of Americans, and that they’re coming out of the closet and many will follow. Jared Taylor, editor of a white nationalist journal, tells Vox, “I see a kind of awakening — I think we will see this in local elections. School boards, city councils, mayor, maybe Congress in certain districts,” and Vox’s correspondent concurs, “This kind of politics is on the rise in America.”

When the Left speaks, it is in terms of Class. Yes, they misrepresent the conference, and that's because they need to "personalize" the Class, so it can be attacked without abstraction. But the class itself is everyone who is not a designated Victim or a self-designated Messiah. That pretty much leaves Whites, and a few responsible representatives from each minority who are not victims and don't intend to be ("white hispanics", uncle toms, most Asians).

Given that, the two characteristics, identifying as "American citizen" rather than "citizen of the world" as Obama identifies, and being white (that abomination), places one squarely into the WHITE NATIONALIST category/officially designated Class.

This will be used for the next decade, at least, as the pejorative of choice for the uber-tolerant, massively moral and self-righteous, viciously Class Warrior, Arroganti of the Perpetually Outraged/Deranged Left.

So White Nationalism is real, and most whites who proudly identify as Americans are now Classified as White Nationalists. This was, of course, originally a rabidly racist position populated by skin heads and proto-NAZIs, and despised by nearly all whites. No Longer. The bitter association of all whites with the despicable racists is the actual objective of the new designation foisted upon whites by the Left. It is being used to strike fear into the minorities, and to gel the position of Class Warriors as the saviors of the Victimhood Classes.

The Left lies with impunity through the vehicles of the Leftist MSM. Whatever evil they charge their opponents with, is amplified and hammered down the throats of those who still read the MSM. And that is why the war is just starting. The first casualty of war is truth; it must be resuscitated and weaponized. And part of the truth is this: they won't quit their viciousness voluntarily; they will have to be forced to become civil, law abiding, and actually (classically) tolerant. More truth: it will necessarily be brutal.

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Phoenix said...

The Left's modus operandi is as follows:

Lie, insult, ridicule and falsely accuse your opponent of racism. When all else fails then violence is the only other option.