Sunday, November 6, 2016

Violence By Hillary-Leftists

Here's a list:
Trump Surge Freakout: More Violence Against Supporters
As Election Day nears and the GOP nominee rises, attacks on his backers, signs and buildings are escalating
There's no longer any pretense that the violence is from the Right; it's all from the Left. It will get worse for Right wingers if the government goes to the control of Hillary.

Violence is who Hillary is. And what the Left is.


Trumpism said...

Trump encourages his supporters to beat up protesters. Trump actively encourages violence. His supporters love it.

Hillary specifically discourage violence. She is about de-escalating tension, not increasing it. Obama too, he welcomef a Trump supporter's right to protest just this weekend. He asked the crowd to stop booing... To STOP booing! Trump would have encourage them to punch him in the face.

Or what about all the bullying, even by children, towards minorities. This increased precisely because of Trump's xenophobic comments and the exaggeration from his supporters who bully immigrants by telling them they'll be kicked out if Trump wins.

Deplorables, not all, but so many!

Steven Satak said...

Hillary is a crook. And a pathological liar. I am proud to be numbered among the deplorables. You can take your propaganda and stuff it.

Jim said...

The Right, especially the newer Alt-Right and their brand of extremism, does not care about facts. They find the media they like, believe everything from it, and then the rest is all propaganda, all false, all some MSM conspiracy. Why? Because it does not fit their views. Opinions are what matters, not facts. They are deplorables and like it that way, because words don't matter.

They destroy truth.

Steven Satak said...

Annnnnd we have another fellow with no link to his name.... Jim! As fine an example of Leftist projection as could be found. You're a virtue-signalling true believer, Jim. I understand that. What you don't get is that all your religious fervor cannot erase the fact that Clinton Inc. is rotten to the core. And you support them. What more needs be said?

Stan said...

Jim uses the Hugo format, and likely is just Hugo in facepaint.

Stan said...

The entire purpose of the Hillary "ducks" was to provoke violence. They succeeded. There have been relatively few such instances of the Right trying to provoke violence at leftist rallies.

All the attacks on party headquarters and on candidate cars and candidate signs and banners has been by the Left, who have burned out headquarters and vehicles and vandalized everything in their path.

To assert otherwise is false.

To quote lying Leftist sources is ludicrous. That includes the false-flag-org named "Red State".

Those who come to provoke violence at an otherwise peaceful gathering, deserve the fruits of their labor. The Left celebrates their success, as Trumpism/Jim/Hugo demonstrates, above.

Steven Satak said...

As long as they have the fantasyland of the internet to play in, they will always celebrate their 'success'. Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Trumpism said...

These were all examples of violence from the Right, disproving the OP's point. I don't see the rrsponse from a Hugo here and I did not write as Jim. What was that about? I prefer not to use my Google profile though thank you.

Stan said...

That is exactly the point of Hillary's "ducks". They are paid by the Hillary Campaign to agitate at the Trump campaigns sufficiently to get some Trump supporter to punch them. Then they scream "Trump causes violence".

If I went somewhere and called someone names loudly and repeatedly, I would expect to get punched. And that was the whole point of these "protesters" - to evoke a violent reaction by however much foul language they could muster, and to continue that until violence ensues. That's what Creamer paid them to do. It's a proven fact. So they did their jobs, got punched, and Trump is to blame.

Worked on you, didn't it?

Trumpism said...

Evidence? no? that's what I thought, but call it proven fact sure.

Stan said...

Podesta wikileaked emails are the evidence. Creamer is the perp on the ground who implemented all the Hillary terrorist tactics. He got out of town when it was revealed.

Try to get all the news, not just the Leftist news you are allowed to see.

Trumpism said...

Why don't you try to get all the news and not just Alt-Right biased-fake news???

There's no fact in what you just said you just spit vague ideas that the Alt-Right is pushing. why don't you think about what you're saying instead of assuming that any anti Hillary story is true?

I saw what you just posted about Obama and that's also a lie, it's distortion by the Alt-Right media, Obama is only saying that citizens who have undocumented family members shouldn't worry about their family being investigated because they vote, think of children born here but from undocumented parents who are still technically illegally in the US

Stan said...

The questioner is talking about "Dreamers" being fearful of voting, and she questions whether she will be investigated.

Obama answers, "When you vote, you are a citizen yourself".

That, of course, is unconstitutional, and materially false.

Voting does not make an illegal alien into a citizen, it makes the illegal alien a criminal with even further charges over and above "illegal entry" into this country.

Obama goes on to say that voting records don't get transferred for analysis, that "the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential".

In other words, illegal aliens can vote without fear, because the vote will not be examined.

Those are his words. He didn't say the words that you put into his mouth. So you are wrong.

Further, if you compare (as I do) the news from the Leftist MSM with the news from the unfettered organizations including foreign, non-political sources, you will find that the Leftist MSM does report facts, but only those which benefit the Left. The remaining facts must be obtained from non-Leftist, non-MSM sources.

You do not do that, so you don't know that the MSM allows the DNC to edit MSM materials. The MSM will not publish that fact - ever.

So be happy with your pre-censored MSM news, and go ahead and believe the fabrications such as what you just produced yourself, just above. But know that when your beliefs don't match all the facts, then your beliefs cannot be valid or true.

Stan said...

As for the violence which is provoked by Hillary, Podesta, Creamer and other Leftists, they admit to it. It's in the wikileaks emails, which no-one denies are valid and true, and which cost Creamer his job and reputation.

That you don't know that indicates that you keep yourself shielded in ignorance by your fealty to the Leftist MSM, which is not going to tell you that it actually happened.

If you did know that, and claim that it is false, then you are either lying to yourself, or you are lying to the world.

So which is it? Ignorance? Lying to yourself? Or just lying?

Trumpism said...

Do you have evidence of Clinton encouraging violence or were you lying?
I am ignorant if she did!
Trump did, multiple times, on camera. Are you ignoring that?

Obama is talking to that girl who is a citizen what is wrong then?

Lying or ignorant??? What are you???

Stan said...

The evidence is in both Wikileaks and Veritas. You can't find it? Then stay ignorant.

Obama said that voting makes you a citizen. Voting does not make you a citizen.

You prove your ignorance with every comment.

Steven Satak said...

Stan, you assume (charitable, I think) that this fellow is backing Hillary and assuming the devil's advocate position out of ignorance.

It could be that he is just another Leftist troll. They do seem to be attracted to this blog. All the proof in the world will not open eyes that are already wide open and gazing with a terrible calm on events that are perfectly suited to their fantasy world.

Trumpism WANTS it this way. You've presented your case, and it still insists, petulantly that NO, it's you who are ignorant or a liar or...

Like you said, just Hugo with a different colored sock.

Trumpism said...

The evidence is in both Wikileaks and Veritas. You can't find it?
NO, I cannot find it because it's not there! You are lying! Present the evidence, link to it, show what you think the evidence is! Your twisted mind will find something that satisfied you. Just like that Obama video where he does not say what you think he is saying. He is talking to that woman, who is a citizen so yes he tells her that as a citizen she is voting and should not be worried!

Steven where are the facts? Where!? I don't know who Hugo is! He must disagree with you that's for sure! Yes I am backing Hillary! She is qualified for the job. Flawed but qualified. Trump is both flawed and unqualified. Trump encourages violence he said it out loud multiple times!

Steven Satak said...

Trump won. Now beat it, you second-rate delusional sockpuppet.

Stan said...

It's all over for the lying Left. Not only did Trump win, but both houses of Congress are lost to the lying Left.

When an honest history of this campaign is written, I'll bury a copy in a time capsule to make sure the history is known to future generations.

Trumpism said...

still no fact to present!? Even when you have no reason not to be honest about what Trump said now!? You also see how slightly more people voted for Clinton with the latest numbers right???? Make sure your time capsule record that regardless of how Trump does!!!

Stan said...

Here's all the facts you need:
1. I don't give a rat's ass what you think or say.
2. If you supported Hillary, you are criminal yourself.
3. I don't give a rat's ass what you think or say.
4. See #1.
5. Hillary lost.
6. See #3. and #5.