Saturday, November 5, 2016

We're All Waiting

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Steven Satak said...

Makes me chuckle to see how desperate the media are getting. Recently saw a story from CBS on Yahoo... about a little school that had been accurately predicting the outcome of Presidential elections since 1968. Guess who they predicted would win in 2016?

That's right, CBS, drag out a story about some no-name little school whose non-voting students are either wiser than the rest of us, or hooked into some crazy hoodoo. Hey, they predict Hillary will win, so why vote for Trump?

This is social pressure being brought to bear in the weirdest, most unlikely of ways. But in the world of PC and public shaming, this passes for a reasoned argument against Trump.

And yet, horrible things have been imputed to the Clintons and their associates, not by Trump (who must be shaking his head with both surprise and disgust), but by the law investigation and enforcement bodies the Clintons assumed they had in their back pockets.

And the people supporting Hillary still.... support Hillary. They have this ability to hold one standard for Trump and another for their candidate. I see this all the time in people who've graduated to their local Inner Ring... or hope to.

The trouble is, even when you discount the simply awful stories about the Clintons and the supposed worldwide plot, what is left is just incredible. What got me was the bit Podesta sent about the three little girls and the hot tub.

I simply don't trust anyone anymore that votes for Hillary with open eyes. There's something fundamentally wrong with the way they think. I would rather they didn't vote at all.