Wednesday, December 21, 2016

And Now An Admission Regarding the Award

The (top 30) Award on the right column top is not exactly bogus, nor is it exactly legitimate. It is awarded by a site which wants something in return. The site accumulates posts from at least 30 Atheist blogs, and provides a path to access those sites through the web site, for a little cash. So the site owner, probably just one guy, gave those sites the "top 30" designation. This is not an Atheist Association, peer-voted, Academy Award type of award, nor a Heisman or Nobel-type, nothing of the sort. But I decided to put it up anyway. Sort of a kick. But it's over now, and I admit that I contributed to the deception.

That doesn't mean I'm going to take it down, of course. This is just admission that it doesn't convey more than just a smile. And I say that, because we all know that this blog should actually merit the #1 Atheist Blog award, whoever gives that out (maybe it's me).

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