Friday, December 16, 2016

Andrew Sullivan: Around the Bend and Back Again

Even a broken clock is right occasionally. The Washington Free Beacon quotes Andrew Sullivan from an interview with members of the New Republic. Mostly Sullivan is entirely smitten with, and worshipful of, Barack Obama. But there is one quote that I'd like to share, because it contradicts everything else he says:
"Andrew Sullivan on Identity Politics

[T]he left’s obsession with race and gender and all the other Marxist notions helped create the white identity politics that is now going to run this country.

[Laughter and shouting]

ANNETTE GORDON-REED: Marxist? Marxist identity politics?

That’s what has allowed white identity politics to emerge and to win. … [I]f the left thinks that it didn’t stress identity politics enough, they are gravely mistaken. The only progress that will come on these issues is by getting rid of that poison …"
Perhaps he was suddenly possessed... with a fit of uncharacteristic rationality. He'll likely get over it.

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