Thursday, December 15, 2016

Freedom of Speech and Matt Drudge

Is Matt Drudge the MSM-Buster? (Yes).

Glenn Reynolds:
"FORMER POLITICO EDITOR: Matt Drudge Changed It All.
The media’s angst over its role in “post-truth America” is expanding as President-elect Trump takes shots at the news business and even U.S. intelligence agencies.

The latest example is a lengthy essay by the former editor of Politico for the Brookings Institution that suggests the control of news by mainstream gatekeepers ended when Matt Drudge and his “Drudge Report” broke the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex affair.

It’s funny to hear members of the press, which covered up affairs by JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton — and, more recently, John Edwards — because it wanted to help Democrats win, suddenly going on about “post-truth America” now that it’s no longer able to do that sort of thing."
The MSM has been Post-Truth since the loss of Edward R. Murrow. Their idea of truth is to concoct compendiums of support for the Leftist narrative, i.e., Utopia via Class War/marxism.

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