Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Inversion of Logic is Obama's Excuse For Loss of Democrat Power.

"President Obama has searched high and, increasingly, low, for the reasons he and Hillary Clinton lost the election. He has blamed Fox News, insufficient grass-roots campaigning by Hillary, “fake news”, and now has singled out Russian meddling for the loss of 194 of 207 counties that voted for him in either 2008 or 2012.

The suggestion is that Vladimir Putin wanted Trump to win; the liberal media has hinted darkly that the president-elect and his campaign team have “ties” to the Russian head of state.

As most Americans review Trump’s defense and security picks, the notion that the new administration will go easy on our adversaries – including Russia – is laughable. Retired General James Mattis, whom Trump has nominated to head Defense, has described Russia’s annexation of Crimea as a “severe” threat, one underestimated by the Obama White House. Mattis is not to be trifled with."
Let's see. With all of the MSM focused on Donald Trump while aligning themselves overtly with Hillary, the actual vetting of Hillary was a vacuum. The Wikileaks revelations - hacked by whoever - was the sole access to the truth about Hillary, the Democrats, and the sycophantic MSM.

Obama doesn't refer to the fact that the Wikileaks revelations provided rational balance to the information content available to voters. For Obama, that is bad, evil even. The progress of the Progressives has been stymied, and even revealed for what it is: common corruption. All due to pulling back the curtain.

Everything that Obama does in this last month will be his last, futile attempt to regain the appearance of validity of Progressive's moral imperatives and to strut the moral self-righteousness of HISOWNSELF in the media, a prerogative that he is rapidly losing.

It's interesting that after two elections as president, Obama still claims racism. He doesn't admit that racism is what got him elected, as Americans attempted to overcome prejudice, and voted black, for an unvetted, unknown, opaque man with impeccably creased pants. It's unfortunate that the first black president and the first female presidential candidate were such tokens, such flawed and corrupt intellects, such radical anti-Americans. Of all the blacks and females in the USA, these two were the representatives of the Democrat Party of Corruption and Hatred.

Even at the end, Obama fumes at the existence of public information revealing the undeniable underlying corruption which consumes and defines the Democrats and Leftists, including the MSM. Anger at the existence of the availability to the public of undeniable truth is an inversion of the logic of freedom. The Left will not ever relinquish that logical inversion, because that is what defines them.

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