Monday, December 19, 2016

Mostly True

But not all.
Time to face reality, Obama — Trump is going to be president

While it’s too soon to know what exactly Trumpism stands for, it’s clear that many Republican orthodoxies and special-interest debts are being tossed overboard. His cabinet nominees are incredibly accomplished individuals who come to their new jobs without the burdens of past Washington gridlock. If he can attract centrist-minded Dems, some of whom he is courting, Trump has a chance to build a pragmatic coalition that keeps faith with mainstream America.

The obstacles, of course, are many. Much of the Islamic world is on fire and the great powers are moving ever closer to confrontation in Europe and Asia.

Obama leaves office with Russia, Iran and China eating our lunch, with the Chinese theft of a Navy drone a goodbye insult. The unspeakable horror of Syria and the rise of the Islamic State will forever be part of the 44th president’s legacy.

So too will be domestic divisions, which grew more stark and bitter in the last eight years. We are now perilously close to a boil, and that too falls partially on Obama’s shoulders given his fear-mongering about Trump.

Against that dark reality, it is reasonable to worry the nation is on the verge of a crack-up. But there is also a possibility that America is on the verge of a new greatness.

It’s up to Trump. The ultimate outsider and a historic disrupter, he bears some responsibility for the polarization. But victory presents him with an opportunity to make government work for the people, instead of the other way around.

He is off to a great start and must stay focused to avoid falling down the rabbit holes of petty disputes. America needs the change he promised and he needs to commit every ounce of his being into keeping that promise. If he succeeds, so will the nation.

[Emphasis added]
Here's the false part: Trump did not polarize the USA; the Left long ago declared via their Class War that the flyovers - white workers - had no place in the grand utopian minds of the ignorant yet arrogant Leftist elites. The Leftist elites, who just knew that they had acquired full control of the planet, also just knew that the white worker class was irrelevant and possibly non-human: trivial. Trump didn't create that. What Trump did was provide an outsider who could stop that, and assured the Othered Class that he would. He proved to be more powerful than the elites imagined could ever be raised against them and their Class War discrimination against white workers.

It was the Marxist Class War on the USA created by the Left which is responsible for the polarization into Classes of messiahs and "Victims" vs Classes of Evil Oppressors (white Americans). Not Trump.

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