Monday, December 19, 2016

Uncivil Democrats

Should you still have doubts that violence, threats and bullying are endemic to the Democrats, the spectacle of Electors being accompanied by State Troopers for their bodily protection should disabuse you of that notion.
This Is Insane. Pennsylvania Electors Getting Police Protection For Monday’s Vote

"When are Democrats going to do the “patriotic” thing and accept the results of the election? The electors casting their votes is usually a routine matter that seals the deal for the candidate who won the most electoral votes. That candidate is Donald Trump. Electors are facing so much harassment in Pennslyvania, each one of the 20 has been assigned a plainclothes Pennsylvania state trooper for protection. "
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The party of goons, thugs, and lynch mobs will always be the party of goons, thugs, and lynch mobs. It's good that only two (I think) electors flipped to Hillary. Despite my skepticism, the good part of the republic has seized the reins away from the violent, psychopathic part.

I personally expect the goons, thugs and lynch mobs to accelerate their violence, first in the form of "protests" wherein they exercise their new found respect for Free Speech. But like the 1960s and '70s showed, domestic terrorism will become "a thing", and bombings, cop killings, and certainly flag burnings followed by looting and burning will arise, and will be blamed on TrumpHitler. There will continue to be threats on Trump's life, his family's lives and other Republicans as well.

It's just the Democrats, being Democrats. It's historic, and DNA-driven. Don't think so? How many Dem pols have called for this to stop? Uh huh. I thought so.

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