Saturday, December 24, 2016

Obama's Hate-Shot At Israel

"Richard Fernandez on Facebook: The most instructive thing about Obama’s Security Council abstention is he didn’t have the guts to do it earlier, when he stood to lose something by doing it. Only after he calculated there was nothing more to squeeze from that particular quarter did he run up the Jolly Roger. Had it cost him it would have meant something, even as a gesture.

But even more interesting was his willingness to damage the Democratic party who he’s leaving with political bill, not to mention the fact that the policy his abstention represents makes little sense.

Israel is likely to emerge as a linchpin in the region, after Obama’s power vacuum bomb reduces the nearby countries to waste. If Turkey and Iran fall apart, which is not inconceivable, then Obama will have antagonized the last man standing.

It was bad timing and pointless, like a punch thrown by a fighter lying on the canvas — at the referee. That would leave his legacy a consistently dysfunctional whole: conceived in delusion, executed in incompetence."
Glenn Reynolds adds:
"Yeah, that’ pretty much covers it. Though “executed in incompetence and spite” would be more accurate still."
This will establish Obama's legacy as an anti-Semite. In keeping with his Islamic upbringing. And in keeping with his desire to repopulate the USA with Muslims.

Fortunately, Trump responded immediately, and the effect should be negligible. The UN should be relocated to the Congo, and the US membership and funding removed entirely.

Obama's hate-shots are not over yet. He will be as destructive to civilization as possible.

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Steven Satak said...

And yet, when my wife and I attended an improv down at Pacific University in early December to watch our son perform, the cast mentioned Obama and Biden by name and the crowd mostly cheered.

I am not sure what they see in him. He has been one of the most destructive, divisive men ever to have held that office, and yet not only did we vote him into it twice, there are those of us who still think Obama was who he said he was, and did what he said he did - damn the facts and the actual consequnces.

It's almost as if, once the living standard permits our country's lazier, more sensitive and more sensual citizens to increase past a certain point, they begin to breed cultural suicide bombers. C. S. Lewis was right when he pointed out that the behavior democracies like is not necessarily the same behavior that will tend to preserve them.

Once you stop coming into contact with unadulterated daily doses of objective reality - what we call 'life' - with all its joys and sadness - you begin to feed your ego and stop thinking rationally. I get the impression that between our rage for comfort food and other self-medication, and the lure of the ultimate fantasy playground (the internet), the United States is rapidly losing the ability to fight off the cultural suicide bombers.

All those scenarios painted to keep us in a State of Fear? Russian nukes, Chinese economic ruin, AGW, etc? Those, like the scenario painted for us by Orwell in his '1984', will never come to pass. We will vote for our own suicide as a country first.