Sunday, December 25, 2016

Poster Girl For the Left

Nope. Not Hillary (or her daughter either). It's Lena Dunham.
Shapiro: Lefties, take a long look at Lena Dunham. This is why you lose!

Filling in Wednesday night on the "Mark Levin Show" was the one and only Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire and host of the “Ben Shapiro Show.”
“Democrats seem determined to lose the 2020 race long before it even begins,” Shapiro said opening the program. “The cultural left has so disgusted Americans that Americans decided, ‘well it’s time to fight back.’”

Shapiro went through today’s “story of horror” as he recounted how left-wing idol Lena Dunham said, “I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

“This is why the Democratic party is destined to continue losing,” Shapiro explained. “When you embrace evil, when you embrace the evil of abortion — and not only embrace it, you treat it as a sacrament, you treat it as an affirmative good, you treat it as something that is decent, that is holy, you have to wipe away in your own mind any doubts that you have about the morality of abortion.”

This is who the Left is. The “mask of the hard Left” slipped in the 2016 election, Shapiro said. And the American people couldn’t stomach who they really are.
Well, it's definitely one segment of who they are. But there are trainloads of other, similar moral lapses that are considered A-OK by the Left. And not incidentally, also by the sychophantic traditional "Republican/Conservatives", as well. There is no Hegelian Antithesis which those will not rush toward in their fevered desire to seem "tolerant" and "non-controversial" while the Left stomps them into the muck of Leftist Atheist amorality.

Average Joe didn't like THAT, and that's why Trump, as defective as he is, won. Lena is just one symptom, as thoroughly disgusting and annoying as SHE is. But she's small potatos in the overall scene of Leftist graft and rational inversions.

All in all, the next year is gonna be a hoot. Just like the last year and a half. Enjoy!


Richard said...

Please believe me that the Far Left despises Lena Dunham just as much as anyone. A "feminist" who describes a dream where-in she "molests a little African-American cockroach" is simple trash.

Richard said...

*Correction, she used the word "rodent". Just use the Google image search.