Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Host Has Risen Against The Parasites

Lights Out for the Old Order

"Trump is not a new broom sweeping clean; this was the big wolf blowing the house down into rubble and splinters and shards. In place of the scrimping Mother Hubbard Pentagon of Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, Chuck Hagel, and Ashton Carter, we will have combat military officers rebuilding a military capability adequate to all reasonable needs, accompanied by a prudent foreign policy that rejects George W. Bush’s hip-shooting nation-building and Barack Obama’s phantasmagorical conjuration of a friendly Iran and Hamas — a vastly increased strategic capacity to achieve much more realistic objectives.

This is a revolution: There has not been such a transition since Roosevelt in 1932. Each major domestic-policy department of government is being entrusted to people dedicated to radical change, to the uprooting of a whole generation of error. Education will go to a great champion of chartered schools (Betsy DeVos), in the hope of wrenching the country’s failed public-education system from the palsied hands of the Democratic party’s decayed allies in the teachers’ unions. Labor itself will be in the hands of someone (Andrew Puzder) who supports the workers by guaranteeing their rights and liberating them from the corrupt enemies of workplace efficiency and cooperation in organized labor – a barely living group reduced now to the infestation of public-sector unions (only 6.7 percent of the country’s shrinking work force is now unionized).

The Environmental Protection Agency will be in the hands of someone (Scott Pruitt) who does not believe the unsubstantiated ecoterrorism about global warming and will protect the environment without throwing millions of people in carbon-related energy into unemployment in the fatuous professed expectation that they will be reemployed building windmills and solar panels. Health care will be in the hands of the greatest expert in the Congress (Tom Price) on how to introduce a dual-payer (where affordable to the insured family) universal-health-care system that does not lie to the taxpayer, separate the patients from their doctors, or preserve statewide insurance fiefdoms.

Taxation, campaign-finance reform, and the budget will be in the hands of people (Steven Mnuchin at Treasury) who will raise revenue from elective transactions and reduce taxes for small personal and business income earners. Apart from 1960, 1968, and 1980, all transitions from 1932 to this one have been mere changes of personnel. This is a revolution: There has not been such a transition since Roosevelt in 1932, if not Jackson in 1828, when the new president sacked much of the senior civil service and eventually revoked the charter of what was in effect a national bank. More Donald Trump Never Trump Nevermore

Against an Electoral Coup No, Trump’s Conservative Critics Have Not Been ‘Destroyed’ or Silenced Donald Trump’s landslide is in the profundity of his mandate to institute massive changes, not the margin of his victory over a terrified coalition of lookalike candidates. It does not serve his purpose to expound the extent of the changes that are about to be wrought: tactically better to say little of it as the Republican leaders in Congress prepare a blockbuster legislative session, and the concussed survivors of the old order and the dazed Washington press corps mill about like grumpy sheep complaining of Trump’s status as proprietor of his television program, and his betrayal of laissez-faire economics in incentivizing the retention of jobs at the Carrier air-conditioning company. As there was never any serious argument for reelecting the Democrats, their whole campaign was to defame Trump as a sexist and a racist. There was never a jot of truth to any of it, as his cabinet appointments are showing. Trump’s popularity is rising steadily and most Americans think Obama has already gone as president. The president-elect is driving a bulldozer at 60 miles per hour toward the wreckage of decades of misgovernment and misinformation, while the departing incumbents crawl around on their hands and knees complaining that the lights have gone out. For them, they have. "
The next year should be as entertaining as the last two. Unemployment has reached the ruling class at last. Maybe they can find jobs making windmills.

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