Saturday, December 17, 2016

Surprise! Rogue One is Class War

‘Rogue One’ Makes White Guys the Enemy of the Future
And it makes the good guys purely minority, and run by a female.

I went to the last Star Wars debacle (absolutely no plot beyond the original plot redux). I won't go to this one. And I haven't seen the prequels, and probably won't ever see them. The Star War meme is heavily SJW-faux-religious. After the spectacularly new effects of the first Star Wars, the series got mired in tripe. And I later found out that a great many of the concepts were stolen from Forbidden Planet. It was the flashy cinematography and little meat that morphed into staid cinematography and Social Justice. So I opt out.


yonose said...

Hey Stan!!

I MUST congratulate you for your blog award this year, after all of these years constantly telling people some truths they dislike, including myself!!

Even though I stay put but really away from any political opinion, the big picture of the truest of practical truisms, is unescapable. It is quite easy for us latinos to fall for some swindles and traps from the powerful people of ANY bandwidth of the political spectrum, regardless!

About Star Wars, I don't know how to even start. Star Wars is more like the "Negative Qualities" that some of the American people in Hollywood tend to do, specifically, as cultural appropiation, and I am so glad you did not fall for it.

Padawans -- Initiates for Jedi Knights -- much like a student initiate in a Karate dojo.

Kights -- Cho-dan , of 1st Dans.

The Force -- similar to Chi in chinese and
japanese cultures.

Jedi -- Seems to be like the false concept of samurai/good ; ninja or shinobi/bad(!!), So jedi is the "Samurai" -- "good"

Sith -- Sith is the "Ninja", the bad ones.

The Jedi suits are much like a Kimono/gi...

...and so on, so forth...

Traditional Martial Arts are complex and beautiful in their own special ways, but, you know...

... when reality is found from an experiential framework, from an inquisitive, open-minded, and, of course, with the adequate acceptance of any phenomena in question, is much more fascinating than our created imaginations, in many ways, but such things are dissonant with many people.

Regrettably, from my relatively short past compared to yours, the same thing I may openly say about many atheist people I know -- I was one as yourself, too!

Of course, the same ma be said from any kind of fundamentalist walking on this earthly world.

Have some nice holidays and take care of yourself,


Stan said...

Interesting observations, and thanks very much.
A Merry Christmas and fruitful, safe New Year to you, as well.

Steven Satak said...

Funny, John C. Wright did not take that away from the movie. He went in fully expecting it, and there were a few issues, but what you noted did not, in fact, come to pass.

Stan said...

Go see it, and report back on your impression.