Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Donkey whining:
Schumer: I wish we hadn't triggered 'nuclear option'
The Donks did it because they were certain that they owned the entire future, and therefore half the country and the Constitution didn't matter any more. Now they find that they are actually marginalized and NOT part of the future, at least for four years. Suck it up.

Maybe the nuclear option can move on this:
Congress to Freeze State Department Funds Until U.S. Embassy Moves to Jerusalem

Bill seeks to counter Obama admin refusal to call Jerusalem Israel's capital
And definitely on this:
Senate Republicans just introduced an Obamacare repeal plan Democrats can’t stop
This turnabout with the nuclear option reminds me of the terrorists who blow themselves up with their own bombs: stupid; stupid; stupid. The Left did it to themselves, and deserve to have to choke it down.


CJ said...

Thought you might enjoy this. Feminism has found its new front in the war against the Patriarchy: free tampons.

Apparently forcing women to shell $7 a month out of their own pockets is sexist. Until every facet of women's health is fully subsidized by the government women will never be free from the oppressive domination of men.

CJ said...

Uhh, forgot the UR

Stan said...

Sure thing. Just jack up the feminist fees/tuition that daddy pays for his precious snowflake by $100/month. No problem.

Thanks for the link.