Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Democrat Rush To Cold War With Putin

The correct tack for the Senate probe into the putative Russian connection to the hacked DNC emails is to probe for near-absolutes, as in empirical data. The Dems don't believe in absolutes such as Truth, but the objectivity of empirical validation should work.

What is empirically valid concerning Putin's intentions with regard to Trump? Assumptions not allowed.

What is empirically valid concerning the ACTUAL source of the hack? Assumptions not allowed.

What is empirically valid concerning the validity of the hacked emails? Assumptions not allowed.

As far as public information goes, it is not possible to empirically connect Putin's intentions, much less his overt actions, against the Democrat party. That Putin is a nationalist and not a globalist makes him an enemy of the Democrats, in principle. But did he attack the Democrats? Or is it merely the war mongering Democrats placing blame on their enemy?

The elephantine issue is the veracity of the emails released through Wikileaks. There has been no challenge as to that. The Dems even purged some beloved officials because of the facts released.

The problem for the Democrats is to dissemble and divert attention away from the elephant in the room: the Democrats have been totally corrupt from the top - down, and the world was allowed to see that. It is necessary then, to paper over that revelation with fevered, panicky charges of Other, Oppressor mischief which makes them the Victimhood principals simultaneously with demonstrating their Messiah-hood drive for "justice".

The Marxist three-class system is always, always in play for the Democrat/Leftists

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