Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I'll Try To Resist Crowing...

Trump has apparently signed Executive Orders opening the process of Canadian pipelines, stopping unlimited illegal immigration, and building THE WALL. Plus he killed TPP. Stock market is shooting upward. Companies are promising USA factories. Unions are smiling. And he stopped funding foreign abortion funding.

Remember how the other candidates ran around sucking up to the billionaires? They would be seeking billionaire and power monger advice, rather than doing what they promised the deplorable herd. Compare that with the Donald. And less than a week into his presidency.

The elites promised that the Donald would fail at every step. The elites are kaput, with both political parties in ashes and the MSM trembling and squealing like spanked children.

The entire Left is demonstrating against all this good news. But they've already lost, at least legally. I like that metaphor; they're all squealing like spanked children. Having a tantrum while sitting facing a corner.

Lawlessness has lost, for now.

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