Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Possible Consequences of the Democrat Power Vacuum

There is an open putsch against having any whites in power in the Democrat Party. The constant racism of the Democrats has come home, and if it succeeds, the political structure might become completely racially determined. If the Democrats are purged of whites in a race-based manner, then their politics probably would also become completely race-based, rather than partially tokenized.

Given the persistent race-baiting of the Obama years, there is no reason to believe that civil, constructive discourse will be possible between the Democrat Moral Elitist Class and their foes in the Othered Class. Democrats have already promised to use all techniques to ensure the failure of President Trump. Neither of the forces of legislation nor judicial decrees are available to the Left at the present. So what should be reasonable expected from a governmentally neutered Leftist, racist, Democrat hierarchy?

Violence. Violent rhetoric focused racially on the Othered Class, which is pitched as the Oppressor Class with all sorts of evil overtones.

Violence, as last week when a BLACK cop shot a black man. Anarchy vs evil cops.

Violence, for no other reason than that is the recourse of the Democrat Party, and has been since its inception.

Violence, racial in nature, because the Democrat Party was founded on racism and has never stopped.

Violence, because some violence engenders more violence, especially when "moral" leaders approve. The Democrats approved of all racial violence including against blacks, and since LBJ, by blacks. Remember the Leftist prescription for violence: blacks cannot be racist, and whites deserve it. Remember that the political rally violence was paid for by the Democrats. The inauguration violence paid $2,500 for a day of violence by Leftist sources advertising in newspapers.

The Left has had three months of hysteria, and demonstrations of their rent-open souls: violence has erupted from their mouths. It is what they are made of, through and through, an empirical fact.

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