Saturday, January 21, 2017

Irony Impaired

"The Country is Lost" and "We are Lost" seem to be among the most popular refrains for the past couple of days.

This is from supporters of open borders allowing in all sorts of minorities to enter with the full intention of eradicating the old western white class, which supports much of the existing minority classes. How that is not losing a country to the globalist-through-chaos attack on country boundaries and existence seems to blow right past these chanter/sign holders.

Doubling debt in just one presidency; weakening the military by reduction, political correctness, and climate priority; racial hostility from the top echelons of government; attacking business constantly via regulation; attacking Christians while ignoring Islamic atrocities at home and abroad; this represents the loss of a country.

Promoting cultural decay by normalizing all perversions; attacking free speech; violating the law by both the president and rebellious city governments; this represents the loss of a country.

What has been lost by the Left is not a country, it is the New World Order; it is a false Right: that of lawlessness whenever it is convenient. The Left has lost control of the national narrative, which they inverted into incivility. The Left has lost the power of Political Correctness to instill fear of censure, and installing voluntary censorship.

The Left HAS lost the country of incivil chaos which they loved. Civility will prevail soon in many quarters, if only for a while. The Left must become civilized, if possible. If not, then marignalized.


Grace said...

Wow, this is such a gross misrepresentation of everything the Left stands for. You're just an evil bitter man who understands nothing.

Stan said...

Grace, you provide nothing but support for the hate speech of the Left. Congratulations.

Steven Satak said...

"Grace" is another sock puppet. Roll over 'her' name and you will see what I mean. I never pay any mind to the ones who do not have a link to a blogger profile. The link to a fake web address is a dead giveaway. They're all the same guy.