Saturday, January 21, 2017


It's a hard habit to break, when you are corrupt.
It has been a really bad week for journalism

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Steven Satak said...

Looks like the losers are performing a full-court press on the new President and his cabinet already. Do you even believe the endless stream of outraged gush coming from such luminaries as GQ Magazine and Yahoo?

"Women’s March Attendance Dwarfs Trump’s Inauguration". Pathetic and overblown by a media which is getting visibly red-faced as they continue to blow the victory horn for far longer than normal. These people kept themselves warm by patting each other on the back for being so 'defiant'.

"Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s: Comparing the Crowds". As soon as I saw the source of this crowing was Vox and other reliable Leftist mouthpieces, I immediately dismissed it as being true. That it did not matter to me at all was never in question. Do these retarded Leftist mouthpieces seriously think I voted for Trump and will suddenly change my mind on the whole matter?

Or is it more likely that all these horrible Leftist tools are virtue signalling like mad to each other, because no matter who or how many attended, Trump is our President.

All the whining and tantrums in the world, perpetuated until the sun goes out, will not change it. And they know it.