Friday, February 24, 2017

Chuckie Loses It


Yck said...

Stan said...

These cartoons all represent false images of a person, with nothing about what that person did. To ridicule a person with intent to demean is Ad Hominem Abusive.

The cartoons and images I present here in general represent something that is observably true, which the Left ignores or demeans.

There is a vast difference between these two types of cartoon, just as there is a vast difference in Leftist belief in Marxist Three Class Warfare toward an impossible Utopia, and the Right wing belief in personal freedom, especially freedom from Left wing intrusion into their affairs.

All the Left has to offer is constant racial unrest, fiscal instability, denigration of the USA and the decline of Americans, and mountains of regulations for the purpose of stymieing the existence of the Marxist-designated "Othered" Class.